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        1. About Us

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          Knitting machinery industry originated in China, and learn from our peer in Europe, Japan and Taiwan who has one hundred years modern knitting machinery manufacturing experience. Shaoxing Hongjun Machinery under the introduction of Japan, Taiwan technology, relying on China's resources and market advantages , has created a series of knitting legend, both knitting machine and knitting fabric, all have a place in the world.With little difference in fabric manufacturing speed, quality and fabric structure. Our knitting machinery is much cheaper than our competitors in Europe and Taiwan.
          “Quick Change” and “Universal Usage” Features of the machine allow customer to quickly change the knitting items in the demand of orders.
          The company has a modern production plant and advanced production equipment, with expereniced industrial workers. The key components, most of the parts are from Taiwan. Our Technical Design Team comes from Taiwan make Hong Jun machinery  reaching domestic advanced level in the industry.
          Honest, Professional, innovative" is the business philosophy of Hongjun. "Quality is life, customer is supreme" is the service concept which Hong Jun machinery always adhere. In order to improve the production quality and service life of the machine, the company in different times to do technical training to customers.
          The company has pass the national technical supervision bureau of quality certification and the national quality management system certification.
          Welcome To vist us in Shaoxing, China!