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          Knitting faults , defects and it's reasons
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          FAQ  In knitting fabric production
          1. Holes

          • Mainly caused by coarse yarn
          • The yarn is too dry or poor quality
          • Improper yarn guide position
          • Yarn presenting tension or take down rolling tension too strong
          • Improper yarn loop timing.
          • Stitch is too loose and long
          2. Drop stitch
          • improper yarn guide position
          • yarn tension is too weak
          • yarn stitch is too long
          • Yarn is guided and cross the improper yarn feeder eyelet
          3. Unnecessary Tuck loops
          • Take down rolling strength is too weak
          • Fabric density is too big.
          • Sinker position not fully push out, which cause improper take off of the loop
          • Poor Needle latch
          4. Needle latch damage
          • Improper yarn guide position and yarn guide eyelet
          5. Needle Butt damage
          • Oil shortage or improper oil used
          • Yarn quality is poor or the yarn count is not suitable for the machine gauge
          • R.P.M is too high or the density of the fabric is too dense.
          • improper timing of the loops
          • damaged by poor cylinder, dial needle bed or cams.
          • the surface of the knitting elements not smooth or lack of lubricating and  cleaning.
          6. Sinker damage
          • Oil shortage or improper oil used
          • sinker cam not properly lubricated or cleaned
          • the touch between yarn guide or oil nozzle with sinker
          • The gap between sinkers should be 0.25~0.3mm, improper gap distance may cause sinker damage.