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          Name: Computerized Loop Transfter Rib Jacquard Knitting Machine

          According to market demand and fabric features, HongJun machinery uphold the spirit of constant innovation and professional technology, designing a new rib transfer computerized electronic jacquard circular knitting machine.

          This machine adopts the dial on the two tracks, cooperating with the cylinder ceramic pressure  jacquard needle selection system,knitting specified pattern of jacquard fabric.The function of computerization overcome the shortcoming of general mechanical jacquard with limited pattern range, and reduce the time of jacquard pattern changing.The Machine computer is equipped with 25MB memory to receive jacquard pattern

          The electronic jacquard machine based on Rib and loop transfer circular knitting machines, with  three feeders per knit circulation, using transfer needle(clipper) as jacquard knitting. The machine can be used to produce rib loop transfer jacquard knit fabric, loop transfer single jersey/ double jersey structure, 3D jacquard structure. With additional lycra preparation and feeding system, the knit fabric can be used in ladies intimate garment.


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