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          Name: Double Jersey Double Sided Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

          The newly designed Double face electronic Jacquard machine equipped with reliable and easy maintainance voltage magnet needle selection syestem, used as the basic principle for jacquard needle selection. Two technical way jacquard needle selection for dia needle, and three technical way jacquard needle selcetion for Cylinder needles.It’s computerized and knit designated jacquard patterns, capable of knitting much wider jacquard patterns compare with mechanical jacquard machines, and it’s time saver to change new patterns. The machine is used to produce mattress and inlay knit fabric, reducing multi procedures of woven fabric manufacturing, and offering various color variation options for fabrics. The machine produce double face jacquard knit fabric according to your patterns for both front face and back face, which is much better than traditional single face jacquard machine(equipped with jacquard needle selection system on cylinder only). In addition, when knitting multi-color jacquard structure fabric, it display the complete theme pattern and hide unnecessary color yarn in the back side with a perfect yarn covering effect

          Jacquard needle Selection for Cylinder and Dial Needles.


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