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          Name: Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
          Detail: High speed double jersey knitting machine, rib and interlock compatible to quick change knitting items according to the demand.                           
          Multi Usage rib/interlock compatible double jersey knitting machine

          4 cam tracks in cylinder, 2 cam tracks in dia for multi purpose usage

          Tubular knitting machine without open width device

          The machine capable of knitting rib, interlock, 8 locks structured fabric and other structure derived from them。

          Cylinder Diameter 16"-42"
          Guages E18-E40
          Feeders 52-122
          R.P.M 15-30

          Positive yarn feeding

          Automatic lubrication

          Stop Motions for yarn feeding, needle detector

          take down


          Automatic lint blower


          Lycra kit

          Lycra feeding device


          Measurement of yarn feeding quantity

          Open Width device


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