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          Name: High Speed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

          Machine Features:

          Hongjun Single jersey circular knitting machine with 3 or 4 feeders per diameterical inch.
          Cam box design to receive up to 4 cam tracks on the cylinder
          Slit the tubular fabric synchronously (Optional)
          Centralized stitch system
          Equipped with stop motions to detect unproper slit of the fabric, best choice for elastic knit fabric manufacturing

          Diameters 26~44"/ 3 feeders per inch
          Gauge 10~44G
          Feeders 78~132
          RPM 18~30
          Standard device Positive yarn feeding
          automatic lubrication device
          Stop Motions in top and bottom
          Automatic lint blower
          Optional device spandex feeding unit
          yarn feeding measurement device
          circular knitting machine network unit

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