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          Name: Coarse Gauge Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

          Features of Computerized Jacquard Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

          • Electronical jacquard Single Jersey Knitting Machine with 1.8F/Inch or 2F/Inch
          • Three Position or Two position computerized jacquard needle selection system
          • The machine capable of producing mesh and jacquard knit fabric with unlimited jacquard pattern.

          Cylinder Diameter 30"-38"
          Guage E7-E15
          Feeders 46-80
          Speed 15-25 R.P.M

          Feeding units for computerized jacquard

          Automatic lubrication

          Stop motion for yarn feeding, needle dector and take down device

          Automatic lint blower


          Needle selection system

          Electronical Cabinet for computerized jacquard


          Lycra kit

          Lycra feeding units

          Lapping device

          Yarn measuring device

          Circular knitting ma

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